Parametricos is announcing their 2019 event, following the success of their last year event - making architecture efficient and accessible.

Parametricos, Ltd
Kalavasos, September 07, 2019

Parametricos brings Entrepreneurs and AEC Professionals, together to discuss our future cities and how to improve efficiency and communication in the construction industry.

Kalavasos, (11, August 2019) – Parametricos, a Cyprus based startup, developing web-based solutions for architects, is launching Architectonic, a hybrid, networking event between entrepreneurship and architecture. Architectonic will bring entrepreneurs, startup mentors and professionals in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, together with speakers from Germany, Denmark and Cyprus, in a collaborative environment to learn about architectural innovation, BIM (Building Information Modeling), startups, office culture and strategies. Architectonic will be held in an outdoor open space at Parametricos’ office in Kalavasos, kicking off 7th, September 2019, 19:00.

“Architectonic takes a daily discussion about our cities and brings it in front of a professional audience to seek for solutions. How can young architects and entrepreneurs in the construction industry, improve the way we design, construct and operate our cities and the surrounding environment. That is the main question that we will explore at this year’s Architectonic.”

While Parametricos is developing a centralised online platform for architects with their Studio product (; Architectonic on the other hand sparks a discussion between professionals from various backgrounds. A sort of decentralised system of opinions gathered in one hub.

Architectonic’s concept is perfectly attuned to young professionals who are increasingly seeking to expand their knowledge and network.


Participants at the event will have the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals in their industry through our interactive networking activities. We will bring forward a selection of speakers that will showcase, discuss and debate with the attendees the current morphology of our cities and how the startup tech scene is shaping the construction industry.


Nebojša Jakica - Assistant Professor in Facade Design and Engineering at the University of Southern Denmark

Simos Georgiou - CEO & Global BIM Manager at XIV

Ferdinand Mühlhäuser - Lead Director Founder Institute Berlin - Digital Strategist & CEO at convestec GmbH

Monica Ioannidou Polemitis - CEO at MAP Innovation

Architectonic is scheduled for 19:00 on 7th September at Parametricos, Kalavasos.
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Parametricos is a tech startup developing web-based solutions for architects. Our mission is to empower location-based decision-making to improve the built environment as we know it. Our vision is to make architecture more efficient and accessible for young professionals.