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If you would like to use Parametricos logo for representing us in articles, blog posts or for showcasing your use of our platform, you can find below our brand guidelines. Please follow these brand guidelines in order to help us maintain Parametricos brand consistent and recognizable.

If you need help or have any questions regarding our brand guidelines, please contact

Branding Page
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Logo Circle Black
Logo Outline
Logo Square Black
Logo Pin
Logo Letters

Other Apps:
Studio Logo Square
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Architectonic Event Logo

Logo Colours

Parametricos Black
RGB: 65, 64, 66
CSS rgb(65, 64, 66); #414042

Other Colours

Parametricos Orangey
CSS rgb(219, 95, 45); #DB5F2D
Parametricos Cloudy
CSS rgb(100, 110, 120); #646e78
Parametricos Bloody Red
RGB 142, 47, 43
HEX #8e2f2b
CSS rgb(142, 47, 43);
Parametricos Yellowish
RGB 246, 147, 34
HEX #f69322
CSS rgb(246, 147, 34);
Parametricos Deep Sea Blue
CSS rgb(60, 74, 89);#3c4a59
Parametricos Off White
CSS rgb(241, 241, 241); #f1f1f1
Parametricos Dark Souls
CSS rgb(89, 90, 92); #595A5C
Parametricos Grey World
CSS rgb(214, 215, 217); #d6d7d9

Logo Font:

Fira Sans - Bold
Download: Google Fira Sans

Clear space

Always keep clear space around the logo in order to be readable.
The clear-space around the logo should be the minimum of the logo size.


To ensure legibility, the Parametricos logo height should never be smaller than 30px in digital and 0.4in in print.

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Kind Regards,
Marios Messios
CEO- Parametricos