Founded on April 2018
Parametricos idea was born by the mid of 2017 and started operating as an official company on the 13th of April 2018.

Founders of Parametricos are Marios Messios and Anninos Loizou.

Team Members
Currently our team is composed of one software engineer and advisors with various backgrounds including business development, product development, financial, marketing and sales.

Parametricos office is in Larnaca, Cyprus.

Our customer
Our archetype customer is small to medium architecture offices that are looking for innovative methods to improve their workflow. We offer them a simple and scalable subscription model depending on the size of their team.

Parametricos has currently one angel investor that joined the team from when Parametricos was merely a raw and draft prototype.

Environmentally friendly
Parametricos is 99% paperless. 1% goes to our paper notebooks. Everything else is done online and web-based.

We have a secure data pipeline with the use of Amazon Web Services secured databases and Stripe Secure payments. All the user data are secured and stored within Parametricos. We don't even see the user-generated data in a readable form.

Data, Usage and Security

We are currently Beta-Testing our platform. The testing is currently for a selected amount of people which they can apply at

Open source?
We are looking into creating open-source projects in the near future.

Build for developers?
We love open-source and collaboration. We are preparing an API for developers to be able to make use of all our features and build pipelines for the future.

Looking for more details?
Check out our about page and our press page, or contact us at

Kind Regards,
Anninos Loizou
COO - Parametricos