Founder Institute Berlin

Anninos Loizou and Marios Messios pitching at the graduation event of Founder Institute

April 2019: After 3 months of intense hard work, experiences and learnings, Parametricos has finally graduated from Founder Institute Berlin winter 2019! It was an amazing journey with the two founders of Parametricos both participating in the program. Our founders had the opportunity to received hands-on advice and education from mentors with various backgrounds and enhancing the different strands within Parametricos company.


Startup World Cup and Summit 2019

Marios Messios pitching at the Startup World Cup regionals in Greece

March 2019: It was a unique experience for Parametricos to attend the Startup World Cup and Summit 2019 event. Our two founders had the opportunity to discuss and network with successful entrepreneurs and to compete for the Cyprus - Greece regional competition, where Parametricos took the 2nd prize.


Discussion with Adeo Ressi

February 2019: During Parametricos' founders attendance at the Founder Institute, they had the opportunity to work together, discuss and pitch about Parametricos company with successful entrepreneurs and mentors with various backgrounds and from different industries. One of the most amazing and insightful experiences that our founders had, was the one-to-one discussion with Adeo Ressi, which he is the founder and CEO of Founder Institute.    


Research Partners with BSI

Parametricos at BSI conference in Belfast

February 2019: In our attempt of becoming more involved with the architectural industry, Parametricos managed  to become research partner with the British Standards Institute. BSI is is the national standards body of the United Kingdom, which produces technical standards on a wide range of products and services, and also supplies certification and standards-related services to businesses.


Joining an Accelerator Program

January 2019: After the MVP event, Parametricos team decided that joining an accelerator program was the best decision in order to help them improve their workflow and platform, advance their skills and promote Parametricos platform. In January 2019 the joined the Founder Institute Berlin accelerator program, which is based in Silicon Valley with chapters across 60 countries and with mission to "Globalize Silicon Valley" and build sustainable startup ecosystems worldwide.


Parametricos MVP event

One of the MVP event attendee, testing the VR experience of her design

September 2018: At an early stage Parametricos team developed and tested our MVP, with an event we hosted in our premisses in Cyprus, where the attendees had the opportunity to test Parametricos platform for the first time. Parametricos team had the chance to validated our concept with more than 80 people testing our platform with the features at that point to include Digital Maps, Co-Design, Interior Design, Virtual Reality etc. Our team also had the chance to further discuss and earn feedback from potential customers about their pain points and how Parametricos can eliminate them and improve their workflow.


Incorporation & First Investment

April 2018: Marios and Anninos decided to move from theory to practice and back on April 2018 decided to incorporate Parametricos in Cyprus, where they started working intensively and operating towards bringing Parametricos idea into life. By the same period, they managed to secure an initial investment, which help them to fill the software developer role to Parametricos team.
The name Parametricos has a double meaning, it derives from Parametric Design where the architect and his client set parameters to drive the architectural design. The second meaning is associated with Operating Systems and thus the ending of the name. Parametric Operating Systems - Parametric[OS].


Idea Bootstrap

February 2018: Parametricos idea borne by the mid-2017 and during Marios' master thesis at the Politecnico di Milano. His thesis has theories not only from the architectural design and collaboration in the design process, but also includes aspects from economics and global awareness in architectural design and social theories elements. Discussing his theory and work with Anninos, they realised that their share a common perception and values of how the architectural industry can improve its workflow, and this is where their collaboration started. They set an official start date on February 2018 where they started bootstrapping the idea into actions.


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